Bertha Agor Memorial
    Nursery School

    Our Philosophy

    We believe that the pre-school years are very critical ones in the life of a child. The experiences in nursery school can be gentle steps in becoming more comfortable with new children and adults. We also want to develop positive attitudes toward future learning situations.

    The emphasis in our school is in creating experiences to promote social, emotional, physical, and academic growth. We provide opportunities for the children to develop:

    • the importance of self
    • the importance of others
    • sharing space, attention and materials
    • independence
    • responsibility
    • working in a classroom situation
    • listening skills
    • manners

    Our arrival and dismissal at each classroom door encourages parent-teacher and parent-parent interaction.

    We pride ourselves in offering a quality program at an affordable rate.

    Classroom Learning

    Our Staff

    The quality of a school depends to a great extent on its teachers and helpers. We have dedicated, trained teachers and assistants in each classroom with a very low ratio of children to adults.

    About BAMNS

    BAMNS is a non-profit nursery school established in 1966. We are chartered by the Board of Regents, New York State Board of Education.

    ...the classroom is a safe and comfortable place where my granddaughter learned to accept challenges beyond her comfort zone and take risks. I was always comfortable handing over our little girl who is most precious to us all. She couldn't wait to share everything she learned in class on our way home.

    Pat Davidson '19

    Every teacher we have worked with at BAMNS has been outstanding! The attention to each student's needs is evident. The kids are loved, cared for and educated. The enrichment program has given our daughter more independence and ownership of her learning. We'll be bringing our youngest back in September!

    The Natale Family, Victor '16